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Should you require a master account for billing purposes, please complete and return our credit application. Upon approval, master accounts will be assigned per your instructions. Please be sure to advise your Catering/Event Manager in advance for any specific instructions on how you would like your bill organized. We recommend on-site daily review with the Group Billing Coordinator.

Unless you have established credit in advance with us, you will pay the entire contract price in cash or by certified check at least three business days prior to your function or by personal bank check two weeks prior to your function. If you would like to establish credit, please contact your Catering/Event Manager.

Terms and Conditions:
1. Applicant certifies that the information noted on the Credit Application is completely true and accurate.

2. Applicant further agrees to pay all outstanding balances within seven days 30 days of receipt of statement. In case of disputed charges, applicant agrees to pay all undisputed portions of the bill within 30 days of receipt of statement.

3. The entity named on this Credit Application is entirely responsible for all authorized charges.

4. In the event this account is referred for collection, applicant agrees to pay attorney’s fees, court costs, and other charges incurred by the Drake Hotel. If more than one person signs this agreement, the obligation shall be joint and several.

5. No billing to 3rd party is acceptable without written approval from the Drake Hotel. The statement will be mailed to the address given under billing information.

6. Applicant authorizes the Drake Hotel to investigate their credit records and recognizes that this agreement shall not be effective until the application and agreement for direct billing has been approved by the Drake Hotel.

7. Direct billing – Short term booking
・ 60 days – 31 days The group's arrival date is less than 60 days but more than 30 days from the definite booking date. The client may still apply for the direct billing privilege. In addition to the application for credit, the credit card as guarantee form must be completed. See attached example of the credit card as guarantee form.
・ 30 days –or less The group’s arrival date is less than 30 days from the definite booking date. This client cannot apply for the direct billing privilege anymore. Other payment methods will apply (prepayment or payment with a credit card). See attached example of the credit card application, for details see general manual policy.
Wire Transfer Information

Please contact your event manager for more information.

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