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Audio Visual

Audio Visual

1. Outside Contractors
Should Company elect to utilize outside contractors or subcontractors on Hotel premises during your event, including, but not limited to, a destination management company, audio/visual services (see below for details), decorators, or others, you must notify Hotel of your intention to use such providers at least thirty days in advance of your event. All outside contractors must sign a hold harmless, indemnification and insurance agreement in the form currently in use at Hotel for similar outside contractors and provide proof of insurance in amounts acceptable to Hotel (amounts and types of insurance may be changed or increased in Hotel’s sole discretion based on the type of services the outside contractor will be providing) before they will be allowed to provide services on Hotel premises. In some instances, Hotel may be required, pursuant to obligations imposed on Hotel by labor unions or collective bargaining agreements, to utilize Hotel labor to provide certain services, and Customer agrees to pay the fees and/or charges associated with these services.

2. Outside AV Vendors
The Drake Hotel has an exclusive agreement with Presentation Services. PSAV provides computer in-house audiovisual services for The Drake Hotel.
PSAV is the leading provider of audiovisual and event technology support to hotels, associations, producers and meeting planners worldwide. With an on-site office at The Drake Hotel, experienced technicians are available 24/7. PSAV is committed to making every live event an unforgettable experience. PSAV mixes creativity with the right technology so the message lasts. PSAV facilitates an exciting, stress-free and effective communications experience. Their full time management and staff are available 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Presentation Services must manage all third party audiovisual work within The Drake Hotel. To ensure that our liability needs and the proper standards and care of our property and equipment by vendors are met, we have established the following as conditions that must be substantiated prior to servicing any event at The Drake Hotel. All companies planning to do audiovisual work of any kind at the hotel must contact Presentation Services in writing no less than 45 days prior to their coming on property. Presentation Services will advise the company what provisions must be met and assist in assuring all functions run correctly.
All third party audiovisual companies must place on file with the hotel a certificate of insurance showing a minimum of $5,000,000. This certificate must show the following named entity as additionally insured:

The Drake Hotel
140 East Walton Place
Chicago, Il 60611

Third party audiovisual company must place on file with the hotel a certificate of worker's compensation policy to hold The Drake Hotel harmless should an accident occur to one of their employees while on our property.
To maintain the integrity of our in house audio system, if a patch into the system is required; our Presentation Services staff must be notified. In this case, an additional charge will be assessed. Storage space for third party audiovisual companies will be the sole responsibility of the audio visual company. The Drake Hotel will make every effort to secure space if notification is given, but is under no obligation to provide such space. If space is available, the vendor will be charged rack rate for the storage space. All electrical requirements must be addressed no later than 45 days prior to the event. All electricity required to operate the vendors' equipment will be billed at the prevailing rate.

No equipment or cases are to remain "Back of the House" at any time. Empty cases are to be removed from the hotel (after unloading).

The third party audiovisual company must meet the following dress code to work in The Drake Hotel.

They must wear a two-piece suit with a tie. Be clean-shaven (no beards), no earrings and their hair must be no longer than collar length and kept neat.

When any meeting space is to be used, a representative from Presentation Services must be present from load in to load out. The technician will be strictly an observer to maintain hotel standards. An hourly fee will be assessed at $40.00 per hour.

The vendor must submit a cash deposit of $2,000.00 to the hotel no less than 45 days prior to the event. All charges incurred while on property will be deducted from the deposit.

The vendor is completely responsible for leaving our facility in the condition as it was given to them. This includes all disposal of trash, props used, cardboard, boxes, plastic, etc. If a dumpster is required, it needs to be dropped off and picked up the same day. All charges are to be incurred by the outside company.

All floor surfaces must be covered with protective covering during all load-ins and load-outs. Cleaning fees and or repair fees may be necessary should marks or damage occur above and beyond traditional sweeping or vacuuming. The Drake Hotel has the right to refuse or deny access to our property to any third party vendor if the above agreements are not met.

Please contact PSAV at 312-475-0418 to begin planning your event.

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